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What if you had a machine that could turn you into a god? Would you use it, or would you destroy it?

Nikah is an assassin bred to kill. She has escaped from the Master Assassins who created her, and is now exploring a world on the brink of war. Meanwhile, the man who accidentally freed her is on the run from the Assassins Guild, forced out into a world he’s spent a lifetime trying to avoid. And who is this girl who claims she can turn ordinary mortals into gods? Follow the story in the Five Empires series. New issues are released on Kindle monthly.

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AMNAR: The Execution

What do you do if your Chosen One turns out to be a monster? Amnar faces exactly that problem. Arist, destined to become the next Guardian Defender, is a nightmare of selfishness and anger wrapped up in a cloud of vindictiveness. In just a few years, she’s managed to turn everybody against her, and seems intent on destroying the world she’s meant to protect. What’s worse is, she’s planning to have her own Servant, the hero Arandes Nashima, killed off.

In the course of one day, everybody is forced to face up to the consequences of selecting your leaders based on a fluke of birth, as Arist wreaks havoc around Amnar’s Nas Ashca. Accusing Arandes of rape, she takes him to the brink of summary execution, challenging everything this world and its people holds dear.

The Execution is the start of a trilogy. It originally appeared as a web serial in 2011 on this website.



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AMNAR: The Expulsion

The sequel to The Execution

Arist, once Capillai-nisi Guardian Defender, is shamed and an outcast in Amnari society. Nenja is a young woman trying to survive in the brutal regime of Amin Duum. Taani is a Taija, about to witness one of the most horrific atrocities ever seen. All three women are about to face the most dreadful choices at a time when their decisions mean life and death for thousands of people. And all the while, Amnari are gathering around the city at the behest of the enigmatic Arandes Nashima. The storm is brewing, and only they can stop it, before it destroys the city of Duum itself.

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AMNAR: The Excision (The Execution III)

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The final part of The Execution Trilogy is now available. The Amnari have been thrown out of Duum, but the story doesn’t end here. The fight to get back into the city and reclaim it for Amnar’s ancient traditions is on, and it takes place in the claustrophobic atmosphere of the Nas Iscan infirmary.

While the Ta Dasi and Servants want to go back, the Capillites are reluctant. Cosai and her fellow Servants face an uphill struggle against hidden, terrifying forces threatening to take over not just Duum but Nas Isca as well. Can they convince the Capillites to have Tiom removed and Duum restored, or will the forces crawling through the infirmary hold sway?

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