The Author



Hey. I write stuff. I write about dragons, law and power in the Amnar series. I also write a series called Five Empires, which has genetically-engineered assassins, mechanical wasps, and a little girl in it. So far, there haven’t been any dragons, but you never know what happens. You can get more of that every month.

You can read my work by clicking on the links on the right, check out some of my book reviews or commiserate as I die for the billionth time in Dark Souls.

Find me on Twitter as @TheCharmQuark.

The view from the peanut gallery

“Bright, vivacious, articulate and intelligent. A better conversationalist you will not meet.” – @Smescrater, Simon

“Tamer of squirrels. An awesome woman to be around who keeps you spellbound with her words & ideas. Beautiful geek chic.” – @heidivodka, Rebecca

“You know when you meet great people, they fill you full of enthusiasm for life? That’ll be @TheCharmQuark” – @michaelcooper, Mike

“Mysteriously funny and engaging with nice legs” – @tobywneal, Toby

“The bagel-eating writer with the coolest name on Twitter” – @PenguinGalaxy, Alice

“Up and down the land, Strange beauty can be found. Truth might well be favoured, But Charm always wins the round!” – @PhotonQyv, Matt