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Gaming: The weird world of Batman: Arkham Asylum

At the end of playing Batman: Arkham Asylum I rappelled to the top of Arkham Mansion’s tower so I could glide down over a dark green and grey landscape. The Batcape is torn but still works, and in detective mode, … Continue reading

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Star Trek: TNG is 26 today. Here’s some great things about it.

Happy 26th birthday, Star Trek: The Next Generation. Thank you for reminding me how old I am, but also how much I loved and still love you. Here are some wonderful, remarkable, hilarious and baffling things about the show. 10. … Continue reading

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Submission: The Job

The other day I had a nightmare. I woke up shaking and feeling a little disoriented. I had two thoughts: 1. Wow, that was really quite horrible; and 2. It would make a great short story. It took a while … Continue reading

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Inspiration Stuff: Dark Sun

The other day, I checked the Amazon page for the first episode of Five Empires, and it had a five star review. I was stunned and excited and a little bit blown away. Every review makes a difference, but especially … Continue reading

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I am that mental patient (crosspost from Chronically Skeptical)

I woke up in restraints. That’s never something you choose to do. It’s on nobody’s bucket list. I had bruises from the battle to get me into them, and scars where I’d pulled my skinny wrists out. I was desperately … Continue reading

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Five Empires: The day after Wasps

OK, here we go. It’s the day after releasing Wasps into the world. I had a plan for this blog, and it involved writing Wiki-type posts on some features and characters in the Five Empires universe. It might be a … Continue reading

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Five Empires: Wasps is now available (and Escape is free)

Here it is, the second part of this adventure into the Five Empires world. Ayla’s last test subject has narrowly escaped death and is out in the world, looking for adventure—and things to kill. Meanwhile, what’s going on with Lorasz? … Continue reading

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Well, this is awkward

This evening, something weird is happening on Twitter. Yeah, something weird is always happening on Twitter. I happened across a post about authors who are apparently paying for reviews. Not just a few, but thousands of positive reviews. Initially, I … Continue reading

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Nostalgia: Mysterious Cities of Gold

A couple of months ago, I found something very special on Amazon: the complete Mysterious Cities of Gold on DVD. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you probably weren’t a kid in the 80s. Need a reminder? It’s … Continue reading

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Five Empires: Being inspired by Hugh Howey and writing volume 2

I’m feeling hyper today. It might be the Pepsi Max and it might be it’s the first day for a while that hasn’t started with a dose of Sumatriptan. I’ve just sent Five Empires volume 2 to publish on Kindle. … Continue reading

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