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Things we talk about in Dungeons and Dragons sessions #1

Almost every week, six of us gather to play Dungeons and Dragons at my place. Quite a few things have come out of this, including some of the ideas that went into The Last Assassin. On the break, it’s a … Continue reading

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Crazy idea: What happens to The Last Assassin next

I’ve managed to tear myself away from the Dungeons and Dragons character builder long enough to have a think about what I’d like to do with The Last Assassin next. As part of an experiment, I’ve added it to KDP … Continue reading

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Dungeons and Dragons: When Character Builders Attack

Oh god. If you ever want to spend an entire day doing complicated low level maths set in a fantastical universe, try rebuilding a Dungeons and Dragons character from the ground up. I suppose I should backtrack and explain. Back … Continue reading

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The Last Assassin

Lorasz, a faithful employee of the Assassins Guild, is faced with a terrible choice. The Assassins Guild has maintained an uneasy peace between the five empires that dominate the world. Now, that peace is about to be torn apart as … Continue reading

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Author Q&A: Alex Scarrow (Time Riders Series)

Look! It’s a new thing! I met Alex Scarrow and reviewed his excellent event for the Manchester Literature Festival in 2012. He’s a great writer and full of energy, so I jumped at the opportunity to ask him a few … Continue reading

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Fresh Ink: The Death’s Head Hawk Moth Tattoo

This gallery contains 3 photos.

I spent all yesterday at the Manchester Tattoo Show, thanks to an offer from Groupon. You could easily spend the two full days there, given the number of artists. It’s also an awesome place for seeing a lot of incredible … Continue reading

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Gaming: Beating the final boss fight in Deadly Premonition (Spoilers)

I get a baffling sense of achievement from this. The latter half of Deadly Premonition is a combination of intense emotive scenes, revelation and terrible, terrible boss fights. Imagine if you had to do Bayonetta-style stuff, but with controls that … Continue reading

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Writer Beware: Should you put real people into your fiction?

Right. I’m still in the middle of reading Sarah Pinborough’s excellent trilogy, The Dog-Faced Gods, and I remember I was a little bothered by the use of actual names when referring to the founders of the all-powerful but elusive Bank. … Continue reading

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Blogger beware: In which I almost fall for a dodgy thing

You know, I’ve always thought myself pretty internet savvy. I don’t even open those forwarded emails from my mother with half the over-60s in Devon CC’d in, just in case. Just recently, I’ve had emails coming in to this site … Continue reading

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