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Games: Scaring myself to death with Dead Space

Oh boy. I mean, oh boy. I’ve just spent a good couple of hours on chapter 2 of Dead Space. It’s lunchtime on a sunny Saturday in the middle of summer and I’m still tense, every time I click to … Continue reading

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Friday Reads: Saladin Ahmed – Throne of the Crescent Moon

  This is the book I’ve been hungering after for a while. I’ve slogged through so many faux medieval farmboy-to-Chosen-One stories lately, I was getting desperate. Fantasy badly needs authors like Saladin Ahmed. White western culture isn’t the only one … Continue reading

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Writing Wednesday: You don’t always get what you want…

It feels like a very long time ago, now. I had a publishing deal fall through. One of those publishing deals that writers dream about. I think I was consistently high for about 48 hours after the phone call, even … Continue reading

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Books: 10 excuses for buying another book even though you shouldn’t

You were going to save money this week/month/year (delete as appropriate). You really want that new tattoo/house/computer/tablet and it requires saving up for it. But then there are books. And excuses to buy books. These are my favourites. 1. There’s … Continue reading

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Books: RIP Iain (M.) Banks

It hit like a bolt from the blue. This happens a lot with social media. You take a few days off to sort your books out or vacuum under the bed, and come back to find something big has happened. … Continue reading

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Friday Reads: Raymond E. Feist – Magician

It’s not Friday, so this is “Not Friday Reads” or the Friday Reads that happens when you spend all Friday fixing your broadband, cleaning your flat and waiting in for a mattress. By the time I’d finished, there wasn’t any … Continue reading

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Writing Wednesday: Write what you don’t know

I’ve read that phrase a lot recently. Strangely, I don’t think anybody ever told me to write what I do know. But I have read “Write what you don’t know” an awful lot, in just about every guide to writing … Continue reading

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Book Review: Ursula le Guin – Gifts

I brought several books to read while away in Devon. I’m here for five days. My biggest dilemma was how to fit all the books into the suitcase. When I arrived, I immediately picked out a bunch of books to … Continue reading

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