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Book Review: Joe Abercrombie – Red Country

I’ve done it. I’ve caught up with all of Joe Abercrombie’s published work and he now has permission to produce more. I have to admit, I’d love to see where he goes next with this. He’s done the classic fantasy … Continue reading

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Rant: Oh god, BT. Why must you do this to me?

So I had this awesome idea. Well, I had an Adult Idea, which is similar but usually involves bills and spending less on them. This was last week. After the unparalleled success of getting new and cheaper home contents insurance. … Continue reading

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Writing Wednesday: Six tips for writing strong characters

I’m sure a million or more blogs have great guides to writing strong characters. To be honest, if I was going to recommend one thing, it would be Karl Iglesias’s book, Writing For Emotional Impact. That man has it nailed, … Continue reading

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Book Review: Joe Hill – NOS4R2 (pre-UK release)

After fantasy, my great love in books is horror. By some lucky fluke, I managed to get hold of a copy of the UK edition of Joe Hill’s new novel, NOS4R2 before release (thanks, Andy!). It took three days to … Continue reading

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An Important Safety Announcement for All Interstellar Hitchhikers

      I hope you all know where your towels are today, guys. It’s Geek Pride Day.    

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Friday Reads: Neil Gaiman – Smoke and Mirrors

This is the book I’m reading at the moment. Well, one of them. I’m still reading A Wizard of Earthsea because it’s been one of *those* weeks. I started reading Smoke and Mirrors because I thought it might help me … Continue reading

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I am so excite! Map of Amnar, first draft

I possibly shouldn’t even be showing you this right now. Only I can’t help it. I got an email today from Jen, who’s been working on a map of Amnar for me. We first met to discuss this back in … Continue reading

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xkcd and the “combination vision test” for synaesthesia

This is a bit off-topic, but what the hey. I just caught up with xkcd and what should I find but this comic right there on the front page: I peered at it for a long time. I’m a synaesthete, … Continue reading

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Friday Reads: Ursula Le Guin – A Wizard of Earthsea

The first time I read this book, I was about ten or eleven. This was the book that introduced me to the word ‘archipelago’. I thought it was beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that I wanted to use it in … Continue reading

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Book Review: Joe Abercrombie – The Heroes

When I was a kid, most of my holidays were spent looking at various Sites of Historical Importance. Britain has no shortage of these. Many of them are former castles, ruins of previous ages reduced to – in Eddie Izzard’s … Continue reading

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