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Book Review: Osiris by EJ Swift

I picked up this book on a whim. I’d already bought books at Waterstones, but I had been weakened by SkepLit and was on my way out to buy lovely food from RICE when I passed the recommended shelf. I … Continue reading

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Writing: My Next Big Thing

About a million years ago (or a few months) the lovely Emma Jayne Davies tagged me in a round robin internet thing called The Next Big Thing. Authors are supposed to tell readers all about what their next project is, … Continue reading

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Gaming: How games have helped my mental health

Every so often, a post crops up somewhere on a slow gaming news day (i.e. a day when nothing big is being released), that’s about games and mental health. Yes, I still read Kotaku a bit too much. Gaming is … Continue reading

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Diary: Living in a house full of tigers: On depression.

It feels very much like being eaten alive by your own thoughts. This is how it’s been for two days now, on top of the usual anxiety and the sensation of watching myself from a long way off, trapped in … Continue reading

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Bayonetta: “Never fuck with a witch.”

One day, it’ll be possible to write about a game with a female protagonist and do so without having to wade through a mega fuckton of analysis and counter-analysis about whether or not the whole thing is sexist/misogynistic/feminist/not-feminist. I dream … Continue reading

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Environment: Renewable World has success in Nepal using Biogas Plants

Geography time! I love it when I see things unfolding in the real world that I read about when I was still at university. I don’t usually like to pick up on things in press releases (I actually get sent … Continue reading

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Borderlands 2: Improving, improving…

While Aliens: Colonial Marines crashes and burns like that bit in Dead Space 3 where they run into the mines and everything explodes, I’ve been busy playing Borderlands 2. Rumours abound as to what happened to A:CM, but it sounds … Continue reading

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Mental health: Eating Disorders Awareness Week

This week is Eating Disorders Awareness Week. I considered blogging about this yesterday, but with everybody talking about pancakes, it didn’t feel appropriate. And then the whole Aliens thing happened and I had a distraction. Sometime last year I made … Continue reading

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Games: After glowing previews, Aliens: Colonial Marines crashes and burns

Aliens: Colonial Marines was released today to a fanfare of adulation for a game that pays homage to one of the masterpieces of sci-fi horror. It was also widely panned, derided, and confined to the bargain bin of history as … Continue reading

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Games: My 5 worst gaming fails.

Is it me, or is it the game? I felt like writing a fun post tonight, and that was the question that came up. Anybody following my Twitter feed will know I’m struggling with the Gluttonous Thresher in Borderland 2 … Continue reading

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