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Games: BioShock makes me weep (first playthrough)

Game: BioShock 1 System: XBox 360 Mode: Easy Genre: Shooter – Horror Spoiler Warning: I’ll give away some plot details here, so if you haven’t played it and plan to, you might want to avoid. BioShock just made me weep … Continue reading

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Games: Blatant attempt to stir controversy is blatant.

This afternoon has been all about headless, armless zombie corpses with big tits. No, really. Deep Silver released their latest Dead Island: Riptide game with a limited edition disembodied female torso. Complete with whopping gazungas in a Union flag bikini. … Continue reading

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Games: Assassin’s Creed – the final review

I’m going to do it. A final review of Assassin’s Creed 1, to get all the other things off my chest. This will contain epic spoilers and many, many swears. After much thinking and looking back over my time with … Continue reading

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Games: Borderlands – the final review

I’ve decided to go through the games I’ve played once they’re finished and write them up properly. This will involve spoilers. I started playing this because of the release of Borderlands 2 and my innate need to be completionist about … Continue reading

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Cheesy Fantasy Adventure LP: Helloween and Kikoskia do Goldhawk

Way back in December, Helloween4545 – who does LPs of horror games I tend to watch a lot – asked if I’d help him out by voicing a character or two in his planned Christmas special. It was to do … Continue reading

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Games, Books, Writing: The frustration of possibility in games.

This is a collection of thoughts comes after reading a series of articles about being frustrated with what I think of as “tunnelling” in RPG games, but might have its own special name. Writer-gamers have expressed frustration at the limited … Continue reading

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Games: A first look at Dishonored, what assassin games should aspire to.

After a month of playing it, I’m bored of Borderlands. Well, I’m bored of shooting things. I’m tired of wading through bodies to get somewhere, all the while hoping to pick up rare items and unlock achievements. Even the promise … Continue reading

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Books: 5 memorable books from 2012

I have a confession to make. One of the reasons I’m not blogging about writing and reading is that I’m finding both quite difficult. It seems changes in medication and life generally have made it hard to concentrate and focus … Continue reading

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Zombies: Turns out they’re quite depressing, on the whole.

Contains spoilers for Borderlands, in case you hadn’t played it and wanted to. Zombies are everywhere these days. The Walking Dead was a brilliant series (or at least, the first season was), and there’s been a long tradition of zombie … Continue reading

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Games: What about difficulty?

First blog post of the new year. Happy New Year, or atashe uyadan if you’ve read the Amnar books and are curious as to what they’d say. I’d kick off with something more important or at least interesting but I’m … Continue reading

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