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Time to Change: No, I don’t know what to say either

I thought I’d change tack this evening and write about something other than writing itself. Something a little more personal. Time to Change is a campaign in the UK run by Mind and ReThink Mental Health, which are – as … Continue reading

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Amnar: A chapter-by-chapter plot for The Impostor/Shibboleth

That’s it. It took two and a half hours to finish it last night, but it’s done. I have a chapter by chapter plot for The Impostor/Shibboleth, the sequel to The Inheritor. I’ve never actually done this before. I’ve been … Continue reading

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The power and the joy of maps, fantasy and not

At the end of last month, four of my friends went off to SFX Weekender. I wasn’t able to go, but they promised to report back to me on a panel of special interest to me. It was about fantasy … Continue reading

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Planning, planning, planning

Since I started to write a blog again, I’ve done two entries on what I do when I’m not working, and nothing on the actual work part of the business. I’m not usually a great procrastinator, so I thought it … Continue reading

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Things I do when I should be working 2: Reading Game of Thrones (also including an Amnar serial update)

I’m sitting here on the sofa, having just finished Clash of Kings, trying to think of a way to justify going straight on to reading Storm of Swords rather than the small pile of fiction I’d bought because it might … Continue reading

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Book Review: Riddley Walker by Russell Hoban

The first thing Daren suggested I do when I emailed him about writing a post-apocalyptic novel was recommend Riddley Walker to me. I was already planning to read some of his work, and the book I recalled from GCSE English … Continue reading

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Things I do when I should be working 1: Epic battles with phone systems

I have just spent all morning in an epic battle of wits with a broken phone system and a switchboard that doesn’t seem to know how to deal with what’s happened. I started out bright and early this morning, to … Continue reading

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Getting a look at Amin Duum – Angel Falls in Venezuela

Landscapes are a key part of writing Amnar. A few years ago, I actually went looking for places that resembled what I had in my head – in some cases I’ve been able to visit them in person to get … Continue reading

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On being mentored

I haven’t really written a blog (a proper blog, not just a book review), in a very long time, so I feel rusty sitting down to write this. Everybody goes on about writers needing platforms, but despite all the blogs … Continue reading

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Amnar Serial: 3.47. Where Do We Start?

Lower City, Amin Duum Muytil 2, 4765 Nastasia crossed into the gallery to join the other watchers and warriors preparing to leave. She’d kept her head down and protested that she’d need to stay with Nenja, to work, rather than … Continue reading

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