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How not to get me to buy your book on Twitter

Typically, I dislike writing posts like this. Posts that are 1. a tad negative and ranty and 2. could be seen as trying to grab readers with a headline. I languish happily in internet obscurity right now but this… this … Continue reading

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Extra time

Something came out of reading Confessions of a GP last night, and I’ve been scratching my head over it ever since. After Granny died, Mum and I had a conversation while we were doing some work in her flat assessing … Continue reading

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Book Review: Confessions of a GP by Dr Ben Daniels

After a hiatus of several months, I finally have a working Kindle again. The problem was that I was given a Kindle without a cable. When the battery ran down, that was it – the end of technojoy. Whenever I … Continue reading

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Amnar Serial: 3.21. We Want Our Academy Back

East Tower, Nas Isca Ashmuta 24, 4765 “Why are there Capillites lurking around the Academy?” The Vice Chancellor of the Duum Academy stood at the back of the lecture theatre, arms folded across his chest and a frown furrowing his … Continue reading

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Tomorrow’s serial

After writing yesterday about Granny, I wasn’t sure whether to post again about any of the aspects of going through a death. Somehow, I’ve got into my head that once you’ve calmly and bravely mentioned the issue, it’s best to … Continue reading

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Hey, look at me, I’m dancing

The funeral director had dirty fingernails. We were sitting in his office, with a view overlooking a babbling brook and neat stone bridge in the heart of a pretty market town. He had a starched white shirt and a black … Continue reading

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Amnar Serial: 3.20. Your Best Just Isn’t Good Enough

Academy, Nas Isca Ashmuta 24, 4765 The students who’d lost family members had been corralled away from prying eyes and anybody else inquisitive enough to intrude on their space. One of the smaller open lecture theatres now thronged with sniffling, … Continue reading

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Amnar background: Hierarchy in Amnar

About halfway through writing about the Duum Academy, I realised I hadn’t written about the nature of hierarchy in Amnar, and that might actually be quite important, possibly because it makes sense of the nature of power and control in … Continue reading

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Hands-on Research

For the longest time, I’ve been privately nagging myself about my (lack of) knowledge when it comes to combat and physical violence. Not for lack of reading, she says, glancing at a pile of books that range from Stalin’s Great … Continue reading

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Amnar Background: The magic of knowing the ending

This post relates to this week’s webserial update. I thought I would experiment with writing about some of the things that feature in Amnar, and where the ideas came from. Nastasia is mentioned in The Inheritor, which is why I … Continue reading

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